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92                                           SHAM FIGHT MS

Criqpum mb 0n>ttd& docta mover$
all           up a sufficiently amusing spectacle; but these at© , only interludes

and accessories to the great event of the day.   This is a sham fight between
ihe men from the neighbouring Tillage of JS"and~g4nw and the Barsins ladias,
the wives of the Gosling of the temple of Lfali Ji, which stands high ©n the
ci&st of the rock that overlooks the areas.   The women haTe their mantle®
dmwn down over their &oes and are armed with long heavy bambmss with
which they deal their opponents many shrewd blows on the head and shoulders.
The latter defend themselves as best ihey can with round leather shields and
stags* horns.   As they dodge in and out amongst the crowd and now and
again have their Sight cat off and are driven back upon the band of escited
viragoes, many laughable incidents occur,   Not unfreqoentiy blood is drawn,
but an accident of the Mnd is regarded rather as an omen of good fortune and
has never been known to give rise to any Ill-feeling.   Whenever the fury of
their female assailants appears to be subsiding, it is again excited by the men
shouting at them snatches of the following ribald rhymes.   They are not
worth translation^ since they consist of nothing but the repetition of the
abusive word rtUd, applied to every person and thing in Barsana,   That town.
being the reputed home of B&dM». the bride^ its people are styled her brothers ;
while the Fand«ganw men account themselves the brothers of Krishnaj the

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